'???', by Melanie Chmielewska

I am inspired by the timelessness of stone. It has a quality which can transform a transient moment into an eternal one. Where a sleeping child or a bird in flight can take on a symbolic meaning. It speaks to our primitive soul, and has a beauty from the depths of the earth.

I also take great inspiration from the beauty and wildness of Argyll where I live, whether it is walking my dog through the forests and hills, or swimming in the lochs and sea I feel the vital energy of the nature around me and the constant changing of weather and seasons.

I work mainly in stone and my preferred choice is Sandstone as it has a warmth and simplicity about it. I choose to use traditional hand tools for all my work.

photo of Melanie

My approach to stone carving is very meditative. The slow carving away of material to find a form within. I try to show something of the eternal in my work, something of the earth in which the stone, along with centuries of memories form a part.

I do both architectural work such as that shown on the Corbel page and smaller pieces like those in my online gallery

From my studio in Crinan in Argyll, I create sculptures and stone carvings. These are available from the artist directly, see the contact page.

I currently have some pieces in the Made By Hand exhibition in the Auchindrain Museum, on until May 27th.

Check back soon for more upcoming exhibitions.